Thesis Ideas


Thesis Ideas

One of the best ways to learn about writing is to start write, to re-read and to edit your work in accordance to the required style and specified thesis format. Sometimes, a supervisor can seem to be a real pest in exhorting students to 'write it down'. But this is often the best advice. Start by writing your thesis ideas down, and ask yourself whether there is a logical flow of ideas in your writing. There is something about transferring knowledge or information from its mental repository or from some conceptual domain on to a page that tends to clarify thought and build coherence. We think a couple of basic tools are needed:

  • an open mind;
  • a dictionary;
  • a thesaurus and/or style guide.

If you possess these, you are in a good position to gather thesis ideas!

Thesis Dissertation Writing

Your writing will determine whether people understand what you have to say, and whether they agree with it and remember your conclusions. This brings us to the hard reality of who you are writing your thesis for. If you think huge hoards of fellow scholars are going to fall over themselves to borrow your thesis from a library - forget it! In reality, very few people will read your thesis, but many more will (you hope) read subsequent articles, chapters and/or even book derived from your thesis ideas. Your thesis will usually be read only by your supervisor and your examiners. The examiners, your most important audience, are also likely to read the thesis in a short period of time.

Thesis Writing

Consider this analogy: writing a chapter is like watching the news on television. You turn on the evening news, and what do they tell you? The answer is simple: they tell you the headlines, then they tell the news in detail, then they sum up the highlights. Formal academic writing is much the same: the entire thesis and each chapter should contain some form of introduction, a body and a conclusion. The main ideas or arguments should be captured within the introduction in order to focus the reader's attention on the main theme and motivate them to continue reading. The various sections comprising the body of your project should then continue in a logical format. The conclusion should summarize what has been written in the thesis, and link this summary with the original argument outlined in the introduction. There should always be a coherent, logical and consistent thread woven through each section, through each chapter and throughout the thesis. offers you an opportunity to order professional thesis writing assistance.  We will help you thesis ideas, writing, and editing. Do not miss this chance to ease your academic struggles!

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