Thesis Methodology


Thesis Methodology

Writing style is often context-specific. If a thesis involves a quantitative thesis methodology, it is advisable to find writing that reflects that paradigm, emphasizing statistical accuracy and formal expression, such as 'it was found' or 'the data suggest'. For a more qualitative or phenomenological methodology, writing often reflects a less formal style, with greater use of quotations from subjects or from other sources. You should investigate the language and style used in other theses, articles and research projects in your area; ask your supervisor to give you feedback on your style of thesis writing.

Thesis Dissertation Writing

Whatever your thesis area is, the thesis should be written in an appropriately formal style. This generally means avoiding slang expressions, contractions and jargon writing a thesis. While the style should be formal and the arguments are likely to be complex, this doesn't mean that the thesis should be verbose or hard to read. A complex argument means that you need to pay more attention to a clear structure and flow of ideas; you must maintain the interest of the reader. It is worth discussing with your supervisor what degree of detail and (abbreviated) jargon is appropriate for the different chapters of your thesis methodology. Some candidates fall into the trap of writing very complex text, trying to convey everything they know, in order to persuade the examiners that they have done a lot of work. This can result in a dense and difficult-to-read thesis, filled with long paragraphs and lengthy sentences, with the result that the reader loses track of the argument. This sort of verbose text is likely to annoy a reader and may even cause them to disagree with your argument. Most research theses involve analysis of complex data and/or issues, drawing on a wide variety of previous research. This naturally produces complexity in both your argument and your analysis. But don't confuse complex arguments with verbosity. Writing thesis chapter should be done in such a way that it can be easily followed and understood. But while simplification in writing is a virtue, over-simplification is not. Again, it comes down to balance - and your thesis supervisor is a good person to advise you on whether you are striking an appropriate balance.

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