Thesis Writing Format


Thesis Writing Format

The specifics of thesis writing format depend on the broad area of your study. In other words, the specifics of your educational process and the requirements of your supervisor determine the elements of master thesis writing format. Usually, thesis writing is a report on conducted research project. Therefore, the essential elements of thesis writing format are the following:

  1. Introduction (introduce the reader to the research thesis topics; explain the importance of your research)
  2. Literature review (show what has already been written on the chosen topic)
  3. Explain the research design (methodology should cover the steps you have taken to conduct a research)
  4. Present the findings (what did your research show? What are the key findings?)
  5. Discussion on the findings (what do the findings mean? What is the contribution of your research to the existing literature?)
  6. Conclusions (present the limitations of your study and give recommendations on further research)

A typical academic thesis written for a university or college should include a cover page, abstract (200 words or less), outline, body with all key chapters, and a reference list. Pay special attention to the reference list style required by your teacher. APA, MLA, and Harvard are very different to each other and sometimes a small mistake in referencing may cost you a grade.

Thesis Writing Format Elements

As it was mentioned above, every institution has its own requirements for thesis writing and formatting and you should be very careful to follow all requirements in detail. You may not simply ignore the importance of referencing style or decide to leave table of contents out. If you value your own education and do not want to waste your time revising and rewriting your thesis 25 times, it is better to do everything right from the very beginning.

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