Women’s Rights Essay


Feminism and Women’s Rights Essay

Feminism emerged at the moment women realized having equal rights to men. The formal acceptance of feminist appeared 200 years ago, approximately at the same time when the bourgeois revolution stated in France and when the American states started their struggle for independence from the British domination. Since that time, more and more women have been fighting for the equality with men.

If you have to write women’s rights essay, you cannot avoid writing about feminist and gender discrimination. This article will help you in the process of women’s rights essay writing.

Women’s Rights Essay: Discrimination Issue

A women’s rights essay is focused on gender discrimination. You may talk about any of these topics:

  • Patriarchy and matriarchy: benefits and shortcomings.
  • Is gender discrimination a common problem today?
  • Feministic movements in the United States and in Europe, are there any differences?
  • Women’s rights in underdeveloped countries
  • Domestic violence and women as victims of abusive relationships
  • Women’s right to vote: the insight into the history
  • Why the majority of servants are women? Is this a sign of discrimination?
  • Men as the master of women and children: the overview of different opinions.
  • Social position of women in different countries
  • Islamic feminism: does it exist in any form? How does it differ from traditional movement?

Steps for Writing a Women’s Rights Essay

  1. Problem. Think about the real problem to touch upon in your women’s right essay. If there is no problem, there is no point in essay writing.
  2. Topic. Based on the chosen problem, you need to define a clear topic for further research and investigation. Topic should be narrow enough.
  3. Information. You need to gather supporting evidence for your women’s rights essay writing; do not forget to cite data properly and fully.
  4. Outline. Outline is the backbone of the whole essay. Each point should be related to the key point. Do not forget about thesis statement.
  5. Draft. Draft is the first version of your written essay. You will have to produce several drafts until you come up with the best version.
  6. Revising. You need to revise and edit your essay several times until you are fully satisfied with the final written essay. Proper format is a must!

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