World Hunger Essay


World hunger essay

An estimated 24000 people die from hunger so a world hunger essay should start by pointing out that hunger is an important issue in third world countries.

A global problem

A good way to start a world hunger essay is to give a bird’s eye view on the issue of hunger by referring to hunger statistics the world over. It makes sense to start a world hunger essay with statistics from countries that are most vulnerable to food shortages.

One of the greatest anti-hunger advocates - Sir John Boyar examined how hunger is a thorn in the side of all Third World counties and tried to offer solutions as the director-general of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. One of the first things we have to do he said is to stop viewing food as any other commodity and to see it as "…an essential to life."  

Move over I’m famished!

A world hunger essay can also examine some of the world’s most devastating famines and how they could have been avoided.

Develop the topic

After giving the statistics the next thing your world hunger essay should do is to examine the causes for hunger and starvation. These can be as diverse as:

  • Large population
  • Free trade
  • Viewing food as a means to earn money rather than to sustain life

Ending on a hopeful note

How can the problem of world hunger be solved? End by offering possible solutions to the problem. What active steps have been taken by the government of various nations to fight world hunger? What is the United Nations doing to get food for the needy? These are some of the points a thought provoking world hunger essay should touch upon.

Lastly a world hunger essay would do well to analyze some sociological theories on dependency that can change the face of world hunger and make it smile.

Farmers from the third world should be discouraged from sending all their produce to other countries for profit. The world would fare better if everyone realized that feeding the hungry is more important than money in the bank. Since a starving nation cannot be a productive one.

These are some of the points to be covered in a good world hunger essay.

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