Write a College Term Paper


Write a College Term Paper

Students are often intimidated about writing college-level term papers. By reviewing key prewriting strategies, you will learn how confidently begin writing formal college term paper. This lesson is designed to show how thinking about purpose, audience, and role can shape your writing and make it easier for you narrow down a topic. Being able to generate ideas is also a key skill for writers of term papers as you continue to narrow down your topic. You probably have already heard what a thesis statement is, and by reviewing key strategies for writing the thesis, you will be able to craft your own thesis. Once you have a preliminary thesis, you can begin to outline ideas, which will help you to organize your thoughts and make the writing process much easier.

Term paper: Considering Your Writing Context

The writing context includes three key factors:

  1. The writer’s purpose
  2. The writer’s audience
  3. The writer’s role

Term paper purpose

Think about any recent writing that you’ve done, whether it was writing an term paper for one of your classes or sending an email home to your parents. No matter type of writing you’re doing, there is a reason why you’re writing. In general, there are four main reasons for writing:

  1. To entertain the reader
  2. To relate an experience and/or express feelings
  3. To inform the reader about something interesting or important
  4. To persuade the reader to think or act in a particular way

Understanding your purpose before you start writing is an important part of the argumentative term paper writing process: http://custom-paper-writing.com/blog/term-paper-writing-help. Having a clear idea of what your purpose is will help you to choose an appropriate topic and identify different sources for that topic. In addition, having a defined purpose will make it easier to craft your thesis statement and choose the style and content of your term paper.

Term paper audience

Having a clear idea of who your audience will be is just as important as identifying your purpose. First, you need to have a clear sense of who your reader is, and second, you need to know what the reader is like. Just about every decision you make about your writing will be influenced by your audience. For instance, what type of vocabulary would be appropriate for your audience? Will you need to define certain terms or can you assume your audience already knows the given terminology?

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