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Write a Research Paper

In: Research paper writing tips

Write a Research Paper

If you have to write a research paper, you should start with analyzing the topic.  Sure, your tutor will not assign a topic you are totally unfamiliar with.  Thus, you have some understanding of the issue and can think about the points you will cover.  Your first assignment is to write an outline.  An advantage of a well-constructed outline is that is helps you identify gaps in your reasoning and presentation.

Sample formal research paper outline:

  1. Main point and a thesis statement
    1. Subpoint
      1. Example/Explication
      2. Example/Explication
    2. Subpoint
      1. Example/Explication
      2. Example/Explication
  2. Conclusion you plan to reach

Sure, you may not know how to write a research paper prior to reading different articles.  Moreover, your outline will definitely change in the course of writing.  You will come across different ideas, find new facts, and you may even change your opinion.  It happens that by the time half of your research paper is already written, you suddenly realize that you have taken a wrong direction.  Do not panic!  You are given at least two weeks to write a research paper.  You need to leave your work aside and either start writing from scratch or change hypothesis.  In any case, you have to proofread and edit your research paper many times until it can be marked as perfect and ready to be submitted.  Research paper writing is a serious academic project and you should not neglect its importance!

Free Research Paper

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