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While writing a critical essay, your purpose is to convey in your own words the sense of what the text is saying. Explain how the text creates its meaning. Open your critical literary essay with a thesis statement which demonstrates your point of view. The body of your critical essay is a presentation or defense of your interpretation. While writing critical essay, you should present your understanding of the text. In the conclusion of the critical essay, you sum up your findings, restate your thesis statement and arguments briefly. If you wish, you may extend the significance of the reading - comment on cultural or moral or technical significances of the topic and techniques of the text. You may also start writing critical essay in other way. For example, note what the main difficulties are to an interpretation of the novel. It is important to give the reader a sense of how you are proceeding in the critical essay and why: http://custom-paper-writing.com/blog/critical-literary-essay.

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While writing a critical essay outline, you should describe the message that author wanted to bring, the significance of the book. Describe what the book is about, enumerate the major parts of the book in their order and relation, and define the problem that the author is trying to solve. Try to find the most important sentences in the book and use them to support your argumentation. Determine the author' solutions of the problem. Writing a critical essay means that you begin to argue with the author and express your point of view.

Choose a specific topic that you want to explore further in your critical essay. The goal of the critical essay writing is to persuade the reader to accept your point of view. Include a thesis statement describing the subject you have chosen and why it interests you. You must have a clearly defined argumentative thesis. Write the thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph, preferable it should be the last sentence.Read the books that you feel will be relevant to your chosen topic. Write your ideas as a summary form to create the basis of critical essay writing. Along with this summary, make an outline for you critical essay. Each idea should be started with new paragraph; each paragraph should have its topic sentence. The reader should see the development of your analysis by looking at the beginning of each paragraph. At the end, when you think critical essay is ready, proofread and correct all mistakes.

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