Writing a Dissertation Proposal


Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Writing a dissertation proposal is perhaps the most complicated part of dissertation work. Many students feel frustrated when they are assigned this task, and it is not a surprise, as not many of them had an experience of creating a project led by a member of the staff, but now they are assigned to produce a large-scale project by their own. Remember that it is very important to get the highest possible mark for your proposal. Still, the experience of writing a dissertation proposal will be very useful for your future work as you will acquire some new skills and improve your skills of analyzing and synthesizing data.

Well, a dissertation proposal is something like your future dissertation in brief. It usually consists of the following parts:

Topic and title.

It is not very easy to find an appropriate dissertation topic; you will perhaps need to read a lot before you find a trace of your possible topic. Writing a dissertation proposal, remember that your topic should be new. It is very important that the topic of your dissertation is interesting to you, otherwise your dissertation work will be hard and boring. When you are sure about your topic, then it is just the time to write a title. If later you consider it not suitable, the title can be changed.

Research question

It is the core question of your dissertation. Make it precise and laconic. When you start writing your dissertation, keep the research question in the forefront of your mind. It will help you to not lose the tread of your thought and keep to the subject of your dissertation.

Preliminary literature review.

Working on a literature review, try to be laconic. Writing a dissertation proposal, remember that this literature review is only supposed to give s starting point of your dissertation, but not to develop it.

Proposed methodology.

In this part you should present the methods that you will use for collecting and analyzing your data. This part is not very difficult as the methods are usually suggested by the topic.

Provisional schedule.

Write a timetable of your dissertation work. Do not exaggerate your physical abilities; creating this schedule, consider your university timetable, part-time job, sports etc.

We hope you have found a useful piece of advice in this paper, and writing a dissertation proposal will be an interesting and useful experience for you.

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