Writing a Reaction Paper


Writing a Reaction Paper

If you are writing a reaction paper, you should keep in mind a number of specific rules. In particular, reaction paper should be written critically, it is your task to provide critical response to a book, film, event, or even a person. The following example reaction paper is written about sex education. If you need individual help with reaction paper writing, do not hesitate to try our custom paper writing services. We are open 24/7 to provide high quality assistance with your academic assignments and essay papers! Do not forget to review free term papers medieval knights and sample term paper on cholesterol and lipids . You may also read an interesting article on how to write 3,000 words term paper SFU .

Writing a Reaction Paper: Sample on Sex Education

The effects of excessive secrecy, such "hush-hush" methods run counter to every principle of psychology and defeat their own purpose. One cannot successfully ignore such a significant theme in life as sex. Even a small child soon becomes conscious that his queries are being shunted aside in the most unsatisfying manner. But this does not allay his curiosity--it merely intensifies it. He perceives that on certain subjects, which he did not know were different from any other subjects, his guileless questions produce a strange result on his parents. They seem disturbed, even shocked, and he doesn't know why; they will help him satisfy his curiosity on every subject but one. He soon realizes that he must look elsewhere for his information, for he must have it; it must be very interesting, or his parents wouldn't act so mysterious about it. His determination to know takes him to every source he can find, and so the typical method of acquiring sex information has begun. From "tough" boys, from the crude jokes and smutty stories of men, and sometimes from oversexed girls he picks up his information bit by bit, the whole often forming a most amazing mosaic. Such is the inevitable result of attempting to place sex in a special category by itself, something that is powerful but shameful, about which it is necessary to know yet about which one must not be taught. Such tactics automatically engender a curiosity far out of proportion to that felt about other factors in life, thus magnifying enormously the very thing parents sought to minimize.

We can now perceive why Galloway was right when he said that sex education is "more a matter of psychology than of biology," for our sex attitudes determine our whole physiological treatment of sex. The sex facts that children find out surreptitiously are not very important, but the emotional responses that develop are extremely important. Boys and girls who get their sex knowledge on the street frequently carry all through life the shame and fear reactions so commonly associated with certain words and actions. The mental images that they would forget are stamped indelibly upon their memories, making them ashamed to converse naturally on subjects properly related to sex. They may become overly self-conscious in the normal associations with the opposite sex, fearful lest some words of double meaning be wrongly interpreted. Such a preoccupation with unwholesome sex patterns often carries over into marriage, marring the relationship from which so much joy was rightly expected and proving the statement that sex education, in its end result, is marriage education.

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