Writing a Thesis


Writing a Thesis

Thesis writing is a common assignment for academic degree programs.  Thesis should include research elements, it is the culmination of several months or years of studying. Writing a thesis requires deep thought, excellent planning and proper organization. Thesis topic must be justified; claims and conclusions must be supported by experiments or reasoned arguments and deductions. Thesis writing requires a careful investigation and deep research as well as analysis of the chosen problem.  It is not easy to write a good thesis and I hope the following tips will give you some ideas on writing a thesis. 

Thesis Format

Abstract, the introduction, the literature review and the conclusion are the required parts of the thesis format. The abstract provides the reader with a summary of thesis content. It should be brief but contain sufficient details, tell the reader about your motivation to conduct a research, state the project objectives, illuminate techniques employed, mention main results and conclusions. Abstracts should not exceed a page and should be self-contained. The abstract is the guide to the contents of the thesis, and therefore it is important to give the reader a good overview of the thesis topics.

Introduction is the first chapter thesis writing. The purpose of introduction is to discuss the motivation of the work, state and define the problem that thesis is intended to solve, state the aim of the work, and tell how the work will progress. Also provide a brief overview of each of the main chapters. In the introduction you shouldn't go into details, you will have the chance to describe them later in other chapters. Remember that writing a thesis introduction is the final step of the writing process. Once all chapters are completed, you will see the structure of the whole thesis and be empowered to write a better introduction.  In addition, at this stage you will have the results of your work and ideas about the contribution of your thesis writing.

Literature review section is based on published material. The purpose of the literature review writing is to give details about the motivation for the work, explain why the thesis problem is important. You should show that you have studied thoroughly what others have done. Make sure that you found out the most recent information relating to your field of study. The literature review is obviously a very important chapter because you have to employ good critical thinking skills. The purpose of writing a thesis conclusion is to summarize the main findings of the project, to list the contributions of the work and to give the directions for further research.

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