Writing an Essay


Writing an Essay

Ability to take analytical approach in non-standard situations is one of the core competencies a recent graduate has to possess. For this reason, a lot of attention is paid to the organization of independent creative work of students, to the development of analytical thinking skills, supported by credible evidence and expert opinion.

The quality of any essay, such as term paper, depends on three components:

  • The quality of the source materials (the notes of the collected material, lectures, recordings of the discussions, student's ideas and experience on this issue);
  • The quality of the processed material (the material systematization, its organization, reasoning and arguments);
  • Reasoning (ability to analyze, discuss, and relate theoretical information to examples).

It is impossible to write college essay without referencing primary and secondary information. Typically, prior to giving an assignment to the students to write an essay, the teacher encourages them to read several different primary sources on the topic. These sources contain contradictory information or complementary ideas. These sources are chapters from textbooks, books, articles and various publications. It is important that among the different sources students can select by themselves or with the help of the tutor choose 2-3 key articles or chapters of the book that provide a conceptual framework and theoretical reasoning.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • The ability to respond to a question;
  • The ability to focus on the main question, and not to be distracted by related topics;
  • The ability to use argumentation (evidence);
  • The ability to use data and analysis while writing description of the problem;
  • The ability to present different points of view and to express his/she own views.

Writing an Essay Tips

Essay genre gives an opportunity to a subjective description of the problem in a form of free composition. Its boundaries, in general, are blurred. Essays are defined as a note, draft, and thoughts. It is usually small by volume and it freely expresses individual impressions and author's thoughts concerning the article, book, picture, film, etc. The goal of essay writing is to disclose the proposed topic by bringing arguments. Essay can not contain many ideas. While writing essay, you should reflect on one or several ideas and develop them. Writing essay outline helps you create a good and logical essay. Writing an essay try to respond clearly to the posed question, and don't go away from the topic.


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