Writing the Analysis Paper


Writing the Analysis Paper: Universal Approach

Those people who get excellent grades for their analysis papers know the mechanism of writing them, and those, who get low grades, face a what-to-start-with problem and many others. The main problems and solutions to them are discussed in the article.

First of all, start with answering the following two questions:

  • Whom are you writing for?
  • What is the purpose of you analysis paper?

The answer to the first question will help you to define the language of the analysis paper (formal or informal). After answering both questions you will clarify what type of the analysis paper (an article, a report or a term paper) is adequate for you purpose. Every type of the analysis paper determines its format. And when you answer the second question it will become clear to you what research methods should be applied.

Now after you have made up your mind about what language, type of the analysis paper, format and methods of research to use, you have to write the analysis paper itself.

Three Tips On How To Write A Flawless Analysis Paper

  1. Built a logic tree. A typical logic tree consists of the main block with the name of the topic (or a problem) inside and complementary blocks with chapters and paragraphs linked to the main one. Such tree helps to make the structure of your analysis paper evident and diagnose mistakes in logic if any.
  2. Concretize the topic. Strange as it may appear, but the analysis paper topics should be concretized after the analysis paper is written. Your topic has to contain the purpose of the analysis paper or a problem that is solved in it and restrictions. Restrictions can be qualitative, quantitative and temporal. For instance, the topic ‘How the profits of LMZ Ltd. will change with the introduction of energy-efficient technologies in 2011’ contains all abovementioned restrictions.
  3. Take your time. After you have written the analysis paper, put it aside for few days. After ‘wait-and-see approach’ return back to your analysis paper for revision. This method will help you to take a fresh look on what you wrote and correct mistakes.

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Writing the analysis paper is a skill that can be gained with practice. But with the help of recommendations in this article you will simplify your work on the analysis paper, correct and prevent egregious mistakes and after a while become a master of the analysis papers.

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